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Al'ard Palestinian Agri-Product Ltd.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ML

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ML

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In Palestine, spring is marked by beautiful poppy trees, irises and colorful wildflowers that bloom among the olive groves that cover the hills. This is the time of year when tire makers prune their trees, till the soil, and check olive problems. Our farmers still use traditional methods of removing weeds by hand and hitting the branches of olive trees to help them increase their productivity. These olive tree-covered hills and terraces come to life in October when the harvest season begins with farmers and their entire families harvesting olives from dawn to dusk, eating all their meals prepared by campfires under the trees the way Palestinian families have done for centuries. These days there are many international volunteers helping to bring olives and providing a protective presence to farmers facing violence and harassment from the occupation. Once the olives are collected, they are transferred to a community press, where the oil is extracted and tested for quality. It brings them to the ground to be packed, packaged and ready to be shipped.

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