Switch policy


Please make sure to keep the invoice of the received product attached to the parcel due to its great importance in completing the exchange process properly and the importance of the information attached to it such as the parcel number and the product code

The request for replacement is submitted within a period not exceeding 24 hours from receiving the parcel, as this period is sufficient for the customer to verify and confirm the product he received

The switch request is raised by sending a message on the form shown at the bottom of the website, where the service employee is provided with the customer's phone number and the request number clearly on the invoice attached to the request that he wishes to exchange

The exchange fee is 10 shekels for the West Bank areas and 20 shekels for areas inside Jerusalem, which is a small fee to cover part of the delivery cost for the second time

The replacement request is not accepted in the event that the customer destroys the product carton or its packaging, and also if the product is used, and the product must be complete and not defective. Here, we confirm our keenness to serve the customer optimally